Sunday, May 26, 2013

Of Our Own Design...

Couple of exciting things happening here at LSW.  Firstly, to elaborate on a previous post, we are bouncing around the idea of making and selling effects pedals.  We are currently building a couple Mad Bean pedals (Zero Point SDX & LowRider) and if all goes well, we will build a couple for sale.  The idea is to hand paint the graphics on the metal case.  Keep each one unique.  If demand is high enough, we may have 2 versions.  One with custom graphics and one with a standard silk screen graphic.  Depending on the interest, we may look into other PCB's from other manufacturers as well.  We figure Mad Bean has a good assortment to choose from and looks to be a good starting point.

Besides building pre-designed pedals,  We have a couple pedal ideas of our own.  Not to go into too much detail yet, but the first design is looking to be a reverb pedal of sorts with some interesting bells & whistles.  This is still in the brainstorming phase, but as we begin designing the circuit, we will be sure to update on the status.

Now on Facebook...

Finally put a Facebook page together.  Every 100 likes I will randomly pick a fan for a likeprize!  It'll be something electronic that makes noise.  Head on over and click that like button!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alex, from Sumo Elevator, did an awesome video showcasing the Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 4-Pole Mission I built for him on youtube!  Please check the video and his music out.  His/their projects are very talented and highly recommended!  More here and here.

Still here...

So far this has been a pretty busy year.  Along with Laurentide SynthWorks, I have a day job that can require a lot of my time.  Some weeks I work fairly close to home and am able to jump on requests pretty timely.  Other weeks I need to hop on a plane and go out of state which keeps me from LSW stuff.  This can really back up the work bench.  Currently, that is the situation.  I have a bunch of stuff in for repairs (1 is a build I did, 6 are not), plus a 4PM that I'm just waiting on the boards to start building.

Of course, I am not complaining.  Not in the least.  I just want to emphasize that LSW is not an "offical" business.  This all started as a hobby.  Just some tinkering in a basement with a soldering iron and a DIY "kit".  I first started building Shruthi's and selling them on eBay.  Then, Mutable Instruments began the "Trusted Builders" list, which I quickly signed up on.  This opened the door and brought in requests rather than me taking a risk and hoping a build would sell on eBay.  Thankfully, I don't have to use eBay (evilBay) anymore.  I get enough requests coming in.

I guess I really don't have a point to this post, other than just getting a post up, as I haven't written one in a while.  

Anyway, I recently completed a MidiSizer MidiALF (Automated Latching Frequencer - not the official title, but if works).  It's a really awesome Sequencer.  Lot's of bells & whistles.  Fairly inexpensive for what it does, as far as sequencers go.  You can find more info here.   There is also a CV OUT board being finalized.

I just picked up a couple of boards from Mad Bean Pedals.  The "Zero Point SDX" Dual Delay and the "Low Rider" Octaver PCB's.  I'm starting with the delay.  I ordered a case from Mammoth and had them paint it.  I'm probably going to paint on the legends ala Z.Vex.  If it turns out good and not too time consuming, I may offer their line for sale with custom painted enclosures.  I'll keep y'all posted.