Thursday, July 31, 2014


Korg Monotron driven by a Synthrotek Sequence 8 module clocked by 4MS SCM. Mutable Instruments Peaks in Drum mode clocked by 4MS RCD with rhythmic breaks tweaked with the RCD breakout. Both fed into a Music Thing Modular Spring module.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Late night exploration with the TTSH.  Pulled the MFOS WSG out of a dust pile for this one.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Werkstatt Mods cont.

I found that the 1 octave keyboard ranges from 0-3v.  So, when a standard 1v/oct is applied, the scaling is nowhere near 1v/oct.  This is a bummer as I wanted to break the keyboard connection to the VCO so I could send the incoming CV through the glide circuit.  In order to make it work (as far as I can see) is either add a 4053 to switch between 2 different trimmer/resistors that are both set for either 1v/oct or 3whateverV/oct the Werkstatt keyboard is  (linear?) ... or, ditch the keyboard completely and re-purpose the glide to go through the VCO exp IN only.  I don't like either of those options.  I'm ok with adding a panel to the back for a row of 3.5mm jacks, but I'm not a fan of switches and pots sticking out hear and there.  I'd rather just add glide externally instead.

On the plus side, I designed a panel for the row of jacks I'll be adding to the back. Most of them are just taken right from the header patchbay.  Instead of a straight VCO out, I'll route the square and saw waves to separate jacks.  I'll more than likely remove the jumper on the PCB between the VCO and VCF and normal it to the Audio IN.  This way I can send audio through without the VCO mixed in.  Having the saw and square waves separate I can route those through modules and add other VCO's, then through a mixer and back into the Audio IN on the Werkstatt.  The overall plan is is to keep everything relatively simple but still useful.  The thing that makes the Werkstatt so much fun is its simplicity.   I could go crazy and add a daughter board with a 2nd VCO with saw/square/triangle, a mixer section, a noise source, S&H, etc etc etc all with SMD parts, then create a new case with knobs and switches galore....  but why?!  I have plenty of other synths that do that.

I may add a midimplant though.  We shall see.

EDIT: Updated I/O Panel above!

Once I nail down a panel design, I'll offer to do this mod if there's enough interest. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moog Werkstatt Sequence

Now that I have the gate in done I can really play with this beast.  Still really bummed the PCB is 3U.  To big to fit between the eurorack rails. :(

Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 Mods

External Gate IN:

I finally found some time to start poking around inside the Werkstatt.  First on the list is adding a Gate IN to trigger the envelope.  I followed peff's idea of using a voltage follower for the Gate IN.  I did a breadboard test and had it running in minutes.

I was wiring the Gate IN directly to the sustain switch and found that in order to have it work properly, the trace coming from the keyboard will need to be cut.  I found a small spot just before the gate is converted into a trigger.  here's a schem (oh, and I used a TL072):

All of the parts fit nicely on the kludge area on the PCB with pleanty of room to spare.  You'll notice I added some capacitors.  These are just .1u bypass caps at both voltage inputs to ground.

I know I'll be adding more, so at the moment I have the jacks just dangling out of the back through a small slot just above the power jack.  Eventually I'll drill out the case and mount them inside.  One thing to keep in mind is BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SOLDERING IRON!  I wasn't paying attention and it got a bit too close to the sustain switch.  :(  Hopefully Moog will be nice enough to supply me with a part number.  It works, just a little melted.