Monday, December 30, 2013

Metal Cased Ambika

Latest Ambika build completion. White case by Adrian / Van Daal Electronics.  Official designer of the Shruthi metal cases.  The volume knob has been moved to the rear of the case (with a posh Cosmo knob).  Inside are 4 4P's, 1 SMR & 1 SVF Voicecards.  Also has a nice bezel for the LCD Display.  Really hate to see this one go.  The metal cases look absolutely stunning!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Enter the Eurorack

Just acquired a Make Noise System 1 last week.  I have had a couple Eurorack modules for a bit, but nothing useful.  I decided to get the full system because I had been looking at getting a Music Easel, but was having a hard time spending that much on something.  While this is not a Music Easel, it is fairly close to it with a lot more patching options.  Very happy with it.  The other plus is it is in it's own carrying case, so I can easily bring it with me when I travel out of town for work, as the below video is just that.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Official PolyLAB Page Added

Added a PolyLAB page to the top.  In it you will find a full description of what it is and where it's at.  I will update is as progressions are made as well as posts on the home page.

PolyLAB Update

The main globals PCB arrived and has been populated. Just missing 1 capacitor. So far the Portamento and gate led drivers have been tested.

Next PCB, which should arrive this week is for the 2 MIDImplants (although I probably could have used only one. It pays to read the manual fully first, kids).  It's also got a 5v power supply for the MIDI thru. 

Other than that, I should have a working prototype within the next month or 2. The case is going to take a while as I probably won't be able to bend the metal or paint until the weather warms up. Oh wells.