Friday, June 27, 2014


one of these came today...

I was really bummed to find that the PCB is almost exactly the same size as a Eurorack front panel, which means it's to big to fit between the rails. :(,  But, there is pleanty of room below the PCB at the back to add a bunch of 3.5mm jacks (with some case drilling).  I'm really digging the size and addition of the 1 octave tact switch keyboard.  Most synths this size require an external keyboard for control, but this I can grab and play while tweaking on a modular patch.  Fantastic!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

LSW #7

So, this one doesn't technically qualify as part of the video series, but I am using a couple modules that I assembled.  It was more due to the excitement of getting Peaks in the mail today.  Finally some simple drums!  Plus more modulation choices.   One day Peaks will be fully released.  Until then, you can watch this video and eat jelly.