Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lots of builds!

Build requests have been coming in pretty regular lately.  There has been a sudden desire for Ambika's!  I'm suspecting the video I posted on youtube that was featured on Matrixsynth aided in that.  Along with this fantastic demo that popped up around the same time.  I have 2 Ambika's ( 1 with 6 SMR's and 1 with 6 4P's) on the bench right now and a 3rd I need to order.

I also just finished a set of 3 Music Thing Modular "Turing Machine" Random Sequencer with Expanders.  This was my first Eurorack experience.  The size can be a bit difficult to deal with at times, but I do like the fact that they are so much smaller than my dotcom modules.  Definitely going to get a case and build up a eurorack modular.

The big excitement is the Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synth that's coming in the mail.  An LSW regular bought 2.  1 for me and one for me to build him!  Really stoked on this one.  I've been needing a drum machine for some time now.

Anyway, back to the builds!

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