Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PolyLAB Update

Other than finally settling on the name, PolyLAB, I got the Global Modulation Panel figured out (hopefully).  here's a pretty 3D rendering:

I also worked Ray Wilson's design of converting a Saw Wave into a Triangle wave onto 1 board.  This will give each Oscillator a Triangle wave.  4 in total:

This was my fist time designing a schematic and PCB.  I took the crash course over the weekend (staying up until 5am reading tutorials).  Once I got past the initial fear of it, it's surprisingly not that complicated.  I found it to be way more intuitive that I had thought it would be.

Hopefully within the next couple weeks I can have everything wired up and tested.  The case is on the back burner for now.  I'm still pretty sold on the idea of bending the sheet metal myself.  On the fence with the paint.  Oh, speaking of which, I think I'll paint the MFOS front panels as well, so it's all uniform.  Gonna be doing a lot of silk screening.

Also, after I complete and get the first one 100%, I'll more than likely sell additional units.  At the moment, I only plan to do 2 more (as the PCB's are ordered in multiples of 3).   If I do any future batches, it would more than likely be in groups of 3.  

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