Sunday, November 17, 2013

Paia - Hot Springs Reverb

Custom build for a customer.  Now this is one nice spring reverb.  There is relatively no hum and there is a crisp brightness to the reflections.  I'm totally building one for myself.  Check it out here

I used a 10x10 outdoor electrical case from Home Depot.  There should be enough height in it to stack 2 hot springs in there for stereo (which I'll probably do for mine).  I've had a drawer filled with those oldschool Fender style pilot lights for years.  Never had a reason to use one until now.  An 8mm LED fits perfectly in them.  My only complaint with the design is there is not an amount pot.  There is a gain trimmer in the PCB, but, it's not a dry/wet mix.  I'd have to design a circuit to get that, which I may do.

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