Thursday, January 23, 2014

PolyLAB Update 1/23/2014

List of things competed:

  • Prototype Case built
  • LFO, S&H, Globals PCB, Saw2Tri, Midi2CV, Power Supply & Transformer all mounted
  • Globals Panel Prototype built
  • MIDIpal LCD and Encoder installed and mounted to Globals Panel
To Do:
  • Wire it up!
I built a quick-and-dirty power buss board, but I did order a PCB.  Just waiting for that and 1 10k Pot for Voice 2 Resonance.  I ended up going with the Midimplant MIDI2CV with a MIDIpal for the dispatch to achieve poly.  The nice thing about the Midimplant is 1 board has 2 independent midi2cv's.  Each can be assigned a MIDI channel and have their own V/Oct & Gate.  Wish I had read the spec more clearly before I ordered a 2nd one.  Guess one can never have too many midid2cv's.

Hopefully 1 more month and the prototype will be complete!  Then, this spring I'll try my hand at bending aluminum.

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