Sunday, March 9, 2014

Road Patch

One constant with my day job is a lot of out-of-state travel. When I built my Eurorack, I wanted it to be portable and small enough to bring on a plane. It's basically broken into 2 racks. The main is a 2 Row 6U 104hp Monorocket case which has all of the sound source and modulation modules. The 2nd is a 1 Row 3U 104hp Monorocket which has all of the controls (sequencers and touch plates). I can carry the 2 Row on the plane and fit the 1 row in my checked luggage. Works out like a charm. I really like the idea that I can pack up a massively complex synth into a seat of a car and go!

Anyway, the idea is to record the hotel "sessions". I'd like to be able to get a number of usable tracks for a full length. At the least, have fun when I'm not at home working in the lab. Below is the 1st "song" I recorded one night in Omaha NE.

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