Monday, April 8, 2013

Juno Bling

Occasionally I will work on a synth purely for aesthetic reasons.  The Juno-106 works perfectly and doesn't need any servicing as of yet, but, if I can customize it, I will (as long as it's out of warranty).

I try not to buy pre-packaged "diy" kits from eBay, but I looked for just the display elsewhere and was finding it to be more expensive than buying the diy kit on eBay that comes with the display and all of the LED's.  Swapped 'em out today (rather quickly I might ad.  Solder wick is awesome).  Looks pretty rad.  Along with the African Blackwood End Cheeks, it's lookin pretty slick.  Also was able to get the voice LED indicators working (ala DSI PolyEvolver).  There's never too many LED's.  I don't have enough 3904's laying around, so getting that complete will have to wait until next mouser order.  Word.

Also, if you want to do the Active Voice LED mod, here's a "how-to" vid:

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