Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bluethunder III

Just finished and sent off another Shruthi-1 LSW Blue Thunder Edition.  This is our highly modded Shruthi with the SMR-4 MKII filter.  It has the following mods:

  • Audio IN Volume
  • Audio OUT Volume
  • 2/4 Pole Selector Switch
  • Low Pass/ Band Pass Switch (BP1, LP, BP3)
  • Audio IN/FM Mod Switch (routes the Audio IN jack to either the filter, as intended or as an FM Source to the filter cutoff.  When used as an FM source, the Audio IN volume becomes an attenuator
  • Dedicated FM Mod Pot (takes the raw oscillator output from the digital board and routes it the filter cutoff as an FM Source.  Desgined by forum member yewtreemagic)
New to this model is the "IR3109 Squelch" mod (a mod I had made to a previous shruthi and yewtreemagic perfected and improved.).  This mod replaces a 2 key resistors that tames the filters input & output causing the resonance to sound "purer" and "squelchier".  The original issue with this was that the resonance would then become overpowering to the oscillators when the resonance was set high.  The addition of 2 diodes in parallel with a key capacitor tames this issue and results in a VERY Roland-esque filter!

More photos here.

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