Monday, June 17, 2013

love her sleep - RoyFnBerry

"Off the cuff - first run - not over thought - drum half of new spaceship with 1 drum pattern - plus 1 bassline (a repeating 303 & SammichSID)"

Featuring a SammichSID built by LSW!

and another vid featuring the SammichSID & an MI Shruthi by LSW!

"Not supposed to be a song; demoing some synths and a process; thought I'd film it. Click [show more] for explanation.

Using a MIDIpal (for a sine ccLFO and a random ccLFO) and an Event Processor Plus program (to remap things and whatnot), a SammichSID and 2 Shruthi SMR4-mkII (for stereo), auto crossfade and auto random program change.

A second MIDIpal randomizes the notes of an EF-303 sequence (no audio heard from EF-303).

The SammichSID starts first. You can tell which one's volume is down and receiving random program changes, because its screen will show the patches changing (once the patches stop changing, you'll hear the patch it stops on fade in). The SammichSID makes noise when changing patches (it's a flaw of the old C64 SID chip).

The SammichSID and one of the Shruthi's were built by Adam Armstrong from Mutable Instruments trusted builders list. The other Shruthi was ordered from the Mutable Instruments web-store, built by Olivier Gillet (honestly can't remember which is which).

Audio straight into a ZOOM Q3HD, normalized.

AND the SammichSID sequence patches and drum patches play at their own speed for some reason. I'll figure that out later. Also, since the program changes are random, some of the sounds happen more than once."

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