Thursday, October 31, 2013

PolyLAB Update 10/31/2013

Welp, the global cutoff and resonance knob switching has been completely redesigned.  The amount of parts needed for something so simple was just bugging the hell out of me.  So, I ended up ditching it all together and going with simple rotary switching.  Now it will have independent controls for each.  The Cutoff and Resonance will each have a 6-pole 2-throw Rotary switch which will send it either to it's local pot or the dual gang global pot.  The nice thing about this is not only is it waaaay more simplistic, but it will allow individual control of each parameter, such as if I want to have control of but cutoffs but with 2 different resonance amounts.  I'm thinking that could be a pretty neat feature.

I finally wired up the Saw to Triangle PCB to my working Soundlab.  Holy crap!  The low end that comes out of this thing now is incredible!  This synth absolutely needs this added to it!  I'd highly suggest adding this to yours if you have one.  The circuit is easy to wire up to some perfboard.  I used a 3PDT toggle to switch between the 3 waveforms.

Here's a wiring diagram for the 3PDT:

Here's some pics of it in place.  Double sided sticky foam is great!:

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