Sunday, October 6, 2013

PolyLAB Update 10/6/2013

Well, the more I looked at the design of the Mod Bus, the larger the part count was getting, so I scrapped the original idea.  I worked it down to just  3 CV Mixers and let the rotary switches handle all of the switching.

The LFO Wave Selector rotary switch stayed, but the destinations were reduced to OSC 1, OSC 2, Filter.  There is now 2 Mod Source/Destinations.  The Source will just be a standard Toggle switch between LFO & S&H.  Both toggles will wire to the Amount pot.  From there it will wire to the Destination Rotary switch to be sent to the Mod Bus Mixer PCB.  This is a much simpler design and will keep the PCB cost low.  With the previous design I was pushing the cost for 3 boards over $100.  This new design is about $25 for 3.

On Friday I put an order in for the Saw to Triangle Generator!  I also designed and ordered a small board for the rotary switches.  Instead of having to solder a bunch of flying leads, they will all be connect to a molex connector.  Nice and neat.

Now that the Mod Bus was redesigned, the Global Control Panel will have to be resigned.   I may also be replacing the 2 MFOS panels and putting both + the Global Panel on 1 piece of sheet metal.  I had a thought to redesign the layout of the 2 Soundlabs and move all of the patch points between the global control and the 1st Soundlab.  Oh, and I will be replacing all of the banana plugs with 3.5mm jacks.  The main reason for doing this is so I can connect it to my dotcom and eurorack modular easier.  Banana patching between different power supplies is a pain because it does not carry the common so I would have to have a dedicated banana plug that was wired to common to bind the commons between systems, as well as have a separate unit with banana to TS Jacks (I did build one, but with more than double the patch points, it's just not worth it to keep the banana jacks).

That's all for now.

Note the INPUT labeling is wrong. Instead of LFO or S&H it will just be 1 or 2 and its destination as both busses will be switchable between LFO and S&H. 

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